Boot Camp Challenge App Reviews

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Very good apps

Army girl in my pocket

I love the variety of workouts and how she mixes it up. Shes right there working out with me and throwing tips and how much time is left.... Its a personal trainer in your pocket. And you adjust the level of difficulty so the workouts are adjusted to you , with or without equipment. Just let her know what you have,,,, awesome app

Loving it so far!!

This is exactly the kind of workout app I have been searching for. I actually look forward to working out now! Love that its completely customizable. Definitely recommend this app!

Finally a convenient workout!

I feel like I have my own personal trainer! I picked the equipment I have at home, my fitness level and my music (adjusts the tempo) and presto! I have a workout plan that changes each day! The intensity can be increased/decreased for an exercise too. So many features to personalize. Finally, I think I will be able to get exercise into every day. Thank you so much for the great app! Love the voice and encouragement of the trainer too!

Love ALL lolofit apps so far!

My only suggestion with this one - is to allow us to have the option of rep or countdown here too. Im very fit, but find the reps too fast, since I practice the slow and steady method with weights, paying attention to alignment, endurance etc. Even with low weight/high reps, I find it hard to keep up (... and the woman in the video is going more my pace! ) Regardless, Ive adapted by simply counting the given reps as 1-up, 2-down, 3-up etc. instead of trying to fit the whole action into one count. Thanks again! You guys do awesome work.

Bouth camp

I really really like this game

Wonderful app

I feel the burn in my legs! Although I cannot catch up to the simulator as it is going way too fast for me to catch up. Nevertheless it is a very handy app.


Its a must have app. Im on day 3 of beginner weight loss workout. It is soo simple. My muscles are so sore as I hadnt done any exercise for over a year due to pregnancy. But ya she could be fast at times so I do the best I can. Its like having a personal trainer in your pocket.

Boot camp in my garage

Great app! The workouts are flexible, adjustable and fun! Love that I can control the intensity. The beat sync function is great, too! I am on day 3 and loving it!

Worth it!

I love this app. Im on day 23..and I went from beginner to intermediate in two weeks. The only problem is every time I open the app I have to sync my playlist all over again. Other then that

2nd Favorite App. Ever!

I love this app! It shows a person doing the exercises with you and before you work out you can click on the exercise and see a written description of what to do. Every day is different and it combines aerobic exercise, strength training and stretching. It even allows you to create a play list for your workout, figures out the BPM, and plays songs at the right tempo for the workout! I just finished day 6 and am very happy with it. The only thing that could use improvement is that the counting at times is faster than the video. Oh, I forgot to mention, if the workout is too hard or too easy you can change the intensity. It is like having a personal trainer in your i-product.

Small screen

Put this on the iPad. I like to use that to work out, not the small iPhone :/

Cardio aspect could improve

Theres a lot of classic conditioning/pilates moves, but I think it could use an update with plenty more cardiovascular moves--its cardio that burns the fat. The higher the heart rate, the more calories you burn, and boot camp in my opinion, lacked that aspect. I say its still a pretty decent app. The format and style is very neatly put together--lolo always does a good job with this.

Waste of money

Its just the same things everyday doesnt matter if youre a beginner or expert

Update is fantastic

So happy with the new exercises and improved music synching. Was super surprised and had an intense workout today! Love boot camp!


It progresses as you progress. Great app!

Had potential

The workouts look like they had some potential but ended up being too repetitive and boring (amount of time spent on one move). I stopes using it after a few tries.


Its really great. Must have app. :)

Again, needs some changes

This app needs work PLEASE! The exercises should be broken up differently, theres just no need to do one set of triceps ext (or others) for TWO minutes! I prefer more of a circuit style with more repetition of focus on muscle groups. And even if put in settings that you have a variety of equipment it doesnt really include them in the workout. Also, when the trainer counts reps it results in the volume of your music going up & down, up & down. Keep the timing feature, maybe get rid of counting reps. Thank you so much!

get started!

Ive downloaded lots of apps to try and get a good exercise routine but none of them worked for me. then I found this one... GET IT! why are you still reading? you should be downloading.

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